Vyron Titanus
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Vyron, during the events of Chapter 17.
Name Vyron Ezzelin Titanus
Birthdate 20th March, P.B 79
Gender Male
Age 23 (P.B 102)
Height 184 cm
Weight 83 kg
Blood type A
Race Human
Occupation Interim Principal (Currently)

Vice President of Titancorp (Currently)

Student of Lumiose Academy (Formerly)

Affiliation Lumiose Academy

The Titanus Family


Class Berserk

House of Shiryu
Marital Status It's Complicated
Team None
Hair colour Dark Blue
Eyes colour Dark Blue

Lime Green (possessed by Algoritha)

Seiyuu Shinichiro Miki
Enhanced Intelligence and Reflexes

Prosthetic Left Arm and Legs

Ziz Type-99 Anti-Matter Katana

LA-P/EV-01 Arion-Class Flightsuit

Zargan Titanus (Father)

Reverie Titanus (Grandfather)

Riven Titanus (Great-Grandfather)

Elena Titanus (Mother)

Yuuyami Usagi (Grandmother)

Jaqueline Gabriela Titanus (Sister)

Radia Meriwether (Half-Sister)

Valentina Lunaria Titanus (Sister)

Arthur Lionel Titanus (Brother, deceased)

OC Status

Vyron Ezzelin Titanus, or Vyron Titanus for short, is is the current Vice President of Titancorp, and the heir to the Titanus Family. He is also a Berserk Class student of Lumiose Academy, enrolled in the year P.B 99, and was a Third Year during the events of the Second Demon War. Prior and during the War, Vyron was responsible in developing numerous machines for the use of Titancorp and Lumiose Academy, particularly the Charybdis and Scylla series of warships, and the AD series Titantroopers. In the Year P.B 102, following the sudden death of former Principal Sergei Kusnetsova, the Kirkstall Administrative Council, out of the desperation for additional military strength against the Demons, elected Vyron as the Interim Principal of Lumiose Academy, granting him emergency power over Lumiose Academy's forces, in addition to Titancorp's Autonomous 11th Fleet under his command.

Unbeknownst to most individuals, Vyron is a Vessel of a Pure Spirit, Algoritha. He is the tritagonist of the Eclipse Academy novels, and plays a major role in various side stories, where he is sometimes the protagonist character.