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DS - " Don't make mess with me, if U don't want to be killed Brutaly"

DS dark f

DS New Version

Ds pic
aka : DS , Demolor Sploho , The Beast , Sparta ,The 10th
Name DS
Birthdate 23 December
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 246cm
Weight 122kg
Blood type D
Race Esper
Occupation Outsider Teacher
Affiliation Eclipse Academy


' '

House of Simius2
Marital Status unknown
Team not provided yet
Hair colour Red
Eyes colour Neon Yellow
Topengor Red
summon technic

Weapon Master



Hanz Art
OC Status


The most crariest and misterious guy in EA , he oftenly went for an adventure and mission, thats why he is consider as outsider teacher . DS always smash every things that might block his way (Human,Creature or est,est,est) , This is explain some part of EA wall crack... .Always torture his student with weird and scary methord, love all type of music,parties & techno. "Brutal" is his motto.


DS Rampage


Came from an unknown origin, he claimed he was one of the fragments of Demolor from 100 years ago reborn into a human. He mysteriously retained his memories as one of Demolor's puppet from 100 years ago and he decided to side with Eclipse Academy.

The truth behind his stories and loyalty are unclear.

Appearance Edit

DS is an extremely tall muscleman , with spiky red hair, and has neon yellow eyes. Since his has been reborn to an Esper , he always wear a red scary mask to cover his face which is know as the "Topengor". While yet to be revealed why,he said that the mask was his old demon face look .Ds personality is further emphasised by his loud big voice, and minimalist attitude. In serious situations, however, he is shown to have a very brutal and intense look.

In the first his appearance , DS wore a black hood outfit with golden stripes. He also wore a pair of golden weird armor tech with neon blue light on his shoulder which is know as the "Bahugor" and can be change into many type of shapes. After being missing for a year (Hanz fasing SPM :P ) he wore another dark red hood outfit with an open-front and has very muscled body shapes. He also wore his demon symbol locket around his neck.Lastly he always wore a white pant as a symbolic to martial arts . naaa donno why~~

Ds asha

Ds & Asha

Abilities Edit