OC of : Amirul Azim

Nietzryou Deldine
Ryou pic
aka : Ryou
Name Nietzryou Deldine
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 165cm
Weight 52kg
Blood type unknown
Race Elf (Half-Undine, Half-Sylp)
Occupation Student
Affiliation Eclipse Academy
Class Necro

House of unknown
Marital Status Single
Team not provided yet
Hair colour Nion Blue
Eyes colour Blue
' '
Water Manipulation
Gungnir (Spear/Javelin),

Red Lance.

Forest elf,Sylp
Sea elf, Undine
Amirul Azim
OC Status


He is a very cheerful and positive person. Even though his past is very painful. He never thought to seeks revenge. Also, he's very nice to women and females. Not a playboy. He's doesn't really knows about humans and their cities. So please bear with him. And sometimes he can be really sarcastic. 

  • Likes :  Water, Swimming, Earrings and His scarf.
  • Dislikes : Oil, Pollution, Summer and Death.


His father is a forest elf,Sylp. And his mother is a sea elf, Undine. He has a twin sister.His parent can't stay together because they have different terrains problems. His father can't breath underwater and his mother can't moves much at lands.So, Ryou always moves from his mother to his father and repeat.One day, Sylp forest was attacked by group of loggers. They had weapons and firearms, the Sylp was at disadvantage. His father and other Sylp died protecting Sylp's childrens. The survived Sylps, moves to their own path. Some want to seek revenge. Some want to create a new home, and Ryou lives with his mother.From that day, the Sylp was at brink of extinction.When he heard about Eclipse Academy, He wonders if there will be Sylps from other region will be joining. And of course, he wants to decrease amount heartless humans.With determination of recovering his race from extinction, He joined Eclipse Academy.

Abilities & Fighting StyleEdit


He can manipulate water into any shape and even can froze them into ice. With a little bit of science, he'll able to makes illusions using waters. Also, he can provide healing, Boost, heat-up or freeze liquid. Able to boil water up to 200 Celsius and freeze up to -10 Celsius. He also can makes ice doesn't melts if he puts enough anti-heat magic.

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • A very fast swimmer.
  • Have high stamina.
  • Underwater breath and Underwater vision.
  • Able to tell the different between any liquids.
  • He can change his legs into Mermaid's tails if he need to maneuver faster underwater.
  • His scales can provide temporary Underwater breath if anyone eat it.


  • He can't sprint
  • Doesn't know how to close combat without his trident/water.
  • He can't lives without his Mana Elixir per week.