OC of : Syam Mimi

Harimann Walfried
Harimann pic
Name Harimann Walfried
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 178cm
Weight 65kg
Blood type unknown
Race Hybrid (Husky)
Occupation Student
Affiliation Eclipse Academy
Class Berserk

House of unknown
Marital Status Single
Team not provided yet
Hair colour unknown'
Eyes colour unknown
' '
Frozen Howl
Syam Mimi
OC Status


Born in chilling winter far far away in North country where winter through the year, when he still a newborn, Harimann, he need to do a heart transplant. Living in rural area and shortage of modern hospitality technology ,to find a heartdonor most likely impossible, thus he's family took a desperate way to find him keep alive. His family choose family's guard pet, named Pecheto a husky. he's heart been taken, and given to Harimann. Miracle happened and not just compatible with Harimann, and he lives as normal kids do. thanks to Pecheto

At the stage of teen, Harimann fall sicks about a year.Many strange and abnormal things happened. Harimann slightly acted like a Husky or to be one also a pair of Husky's ears grow and as well he grows a bushy tail. When night falls, he ran through the forest and howl all night long when he returned back home, there wil be a dead couple of birds on the table, as he seems went to hunt for his family. His parents were so sad about he transformation, but what the most heartache, he turned to a beast when ever he gets mad. And he figures far more big as normal human and like a half human half husky or easy to say size of a werewolf. OTL and whenever he's in weakest state, he turned to a baby husky cuddle all day along untill gain back gain his energy and transform to his normal form.

Stop the long talk, and yeah he arrived in Fayth City for finding a cure to get back his normal body, unfortunately its a Monochrome Day of EA students also the citizens of Fayth City /o/