OC of : Faiqah Najihah

Exxon Grimmlock
Exxon pic
Name Exxon Grimmlock
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 185cm
Weight 72kg
Blood type unknown
Race Hybrid (Hare)
Occupation Student
Affiliation Eclipse Academy
Class Berserk

House of pistris
Marital Status Single
Team not provided yet
Hair colour Bluish Black
Eyes colour Blue(R)

crimson red(L)

' '
Shadow manipulation
Faiqah Najihah
OC Status

Personality Edit

He is a mischievous person with slight perverted mind. A bit show off when he achieves victory or something. Can easily be friends with the guys and surprisingly choosy when it comes to something he eats. He is the type of guy with a smile plastered on his face, always. He may seems like having no problem at all but he is having slight mental problem due to living with a yandere witch. He also loves to tease his friends especially the one he trusted the most since he has a problem with trusting people ever since he was a kid. 

Appearance Edit

Bluish-black, kind of spiky hair with pale blue eye for right and crimson red eye for left

Background Edit

He was found by a witch named Lumina Bauderlaine when he was 6 and being brought to her place in Uvirith, a witch town. He was raised and being taught by Lumina along with other witches in the town which explained why he knew magic. When he was 15 years old, he started to travel to other places nearby his home and pretty much causing nothing but chaos until he was 19. Unfortunately, the last time he caused some chaos in town, he was chased by angry people until he stumbled upon Eclipse Academy’s gates. And he just thought that if he enrolled in the academy, people won’t chase him. Without a second thought, he decided to enrol in the academy and somehow began to regret his decision. However, he had so much fun there and even had a fiancée but their happiness did not last after the appearance of third person in their relationship which made him left the academy for a while and went straight to his home. Lumina could not stand seeing her son being depressed after leaving her before, gave an amnesia potion which made him forgot about EA. But later, he came back to EA without a single memories about his friends. More depressing things happened to him which almost made him committed suicide. Fortunately, he decided to continue his life despite everything that has happened to him and created new memories in the academy.