OC of : E-jay Quiazon

Erion Craver
Name Erion Craver
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 179cm
Weight 134kg
Blood type unknown
Race Hybrid(Tasmanian Devil)
Occupation Student
Affiliation Eclipse Academy
Class Berserk

House of unknown
Marital Status unknown
Team not provided yet
Hair colour Blonde
Eyes colour unknown
' '
Devil's Blades
Viel Craver (Father)
Prion Ace Requin (Elder Sister)
E-jay Quiazon
OC Status


noisy, happy go lucky, easily get mad when called cat(because tasmanians are not cats, or doesn't belong in cat family), he looks and act stupid, but can be trusted when it comes to battle.


Erion is from the "Devil's Laugh" clan(a clan of Tasmanian Devil hybrids) when he was 8 yrs old, his clan has been annihilated by the (main enemy in our story, sorry don't know the story of our group T^T). He's the only one that survived the annihilation. Upon running away, he then stumbled on some guys in uniform, and even before Erion started to speak, he lost his conciousness. He then woke up in some room/dormitory and upon opening the door, he saw many students that wears the same uniform like the guys who saved him, it turn out that they took him in Eclipse Academy. At first he's so shy and always alone, because some students are afraid of him because his hybrid is called "The Devils", until some students approached him, they all became friends and he told them what happened to his clan. He is very happy that he got friends and he started to think "I...I need strength, for me to survive.... and to protect my friends. I NEED TO BE STRONG". He decided then to join the Berserk class and got his own weapon the "Devil's Blades".


can jump high, has strong sense of smell, fast reflexes.Has the ability "HOWL" which can intimidate his enemies and stunned for seconds.Has the ability "BRAVEFIST", he can focus 70% of his strength to his fist or arms, and attack his enemy with his blades to deal enormous damage.

Has the ability "DEVIL'S ROAR", he then gains 200% speed and 200% strength, but he can only use this ability when he's out of other option, because in return of using this ability, all his bones and internal organs can be damaged and will be unable to move.