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Long ago, an evil wizard named Yharkova unleashed terror in an unimaginable scale to the world. Demons coming out from the deepest crevasses of the Earth, and chaos unleashed within the human population. However, a brave warrior named Mike, the principal of the renowned Chronos Academy fought him and finally managed to restore order by successfully defeating the wizard. But, almost soon afterwards, he collapses to the ground. He knew his time is coming to an end.

He called his students as he prepared to create a seal to split Yharkova's unleashed latent powers and turn them into crystals for safekeeping, thus creating three crystals; Crystal of Life, Crystal of Harmony and Crystal of Chaos. After finished crystallizing the powers, Mike died instantly.

The world is at peace once again, but without a guardian, the human race will be exterminated if another wave of terror came at the nearest time. Thus, the remaining leaders of the world converge in Radiant's Nexus City to decide. After weeks of meeting, they finally decided to create a new institution to replace Chronos Academy, which had been shut down as a result of Mike's death. The institution is called, Eclipse Academy. The new academy is entrusted to keep one of the crystals, namely the Crystal of Life for safekeeping. The committee also appointed notable members around the world, especially those who had connections with Chronos Academy as trustees. They were the Schade clan, the Sakinara family, the Kurozen tribe and the Elves.

The other two crystals also originally meant for EA to keep, but a member of the committee detested the idea, and established another institution called Rose Academy as a rival for EA. The new academy held the Crystal of Chaos in their possession. After several years of fighting between the two institutions, another academy was established with the Crystal of Harmony in their possession to pacify the two rival academies. With the inception of the third academy, Lumiose Academy, the three academies signed a pact of trust to defend the world from demons and preserving peace to the world.

100 years passed since Yharkova's defeat, the world prospered greatly under the safe hands of the three academies, and traditional magic is replaced with modern, sophisticated technology. Even though the world is moving away from the ashes of war a century ago, the three academies's power and wisdom is still greatly needed to bring order to the land. With the impending awakening of a powerful demon named Demolor coming to a close, Eclipse Academy stands as humanity's last hope.

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